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We Can Help

O’Neil’s offers a full range of repairs. Our expert gold smiths have all the latest technology and offer a full estimate at no charge to you before any work is done. Among the services we provide are the following:

  • Ring sizing

  • Jewellery cleaning and polishing

  • Ring shank replacement

  • Stone tightening

  • Stone replacement

Here are Some Helpful Tips to Protect Your Jewellery

1. Have your pieces checked and cleaned on a regular basis - for basic jewellery It is recommended every 6 months. For something more ornate It is recommended about every 3 months.


2. Pearls - "The last thing you put on and the first thing you take off". Keep pearls away from moisture, hairsprays, perfumes, etc. With stud earrings the pearls are glued on to a post so keeping them out of water is important to keep the glue intact.


3. Take your jewellery off when doing anything that can harm them. Metal on metal will scratch and wear down your items


4. Separate your pieces for storage - Metals and gemstones touching each other can scratch and damage each other due to the different hardness of each.


5. Insurance - It is important to have your pieces appraised in case of a loss. This gives the specifics and images to ensure that you're getting proper replacement. 


* Not all pieces are repairable. The staff and goldsmith do their best to take every piece, but in the event that we have to turn down a piece of jewellery due to the liability of working on it please accept our apology. Sometimes it's better to go back to where it was made, or the people that supplied the item to you as opposed to Nash's trying to fix something that could turn in to more of an issue during repair, or down the road.


Come in for a free estimate today!

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